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    The Missing Piece - Empowering high growth entrepreneurs to be the best they can be.

    We love business and have a passion for helping others

    Lead the industry you play in!

    The future is coming faster than you can imagine it!

    How can you get ready for it?

    Learn to understand current trends, construct future scenarios and build your products of the future, to ensure your company will be thriving in the next 20 years.

    3 dates in Cape Town coming up!



    Shooting for the Stars

    Whatever Vision you have for your business, that's where you'll end up. At The Missing Piece we help you design the best road and all the steps to get there, fast!

    Being recognised in the marketplace

    Are you working with the right customers? Do people know what you're excellent at? We'll help define the best POSITIONING for your business and the niche you can excell in.

    Right people in the right place

    Does your business have enough resources to excel? Are all your staff working on the right tasks and empowered to take responsibility in what they do? We help you identify the right functions and maximise employees success, for your success!

    Sprint Workshops

    Do you want to launch a new product / service and it's taking too long to decide what's important?

    Is it going to work? will customers be impressed?

    Adele and Ian are experts in running SPRINT workshops to accelerate your progress and ensure the success of your products!

    Get in touch to achieve your new dream in only a week!

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    Answer the questions at the best of your knowledge and a member of our team will get in touch for your free Business Health Check.

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