• Executive Coaching

    For CEOs, Business Owners, Top Managers who feel isolated

  • Executive Coaching

    Feel lonely and overwhelmed at the top?

    Often talking to an expert who has done it all before and understands your challenges can alleviate your load and help you achieve success quicker with less stress.


    At the Missing Piece, Adele is qualified in Psychosocial Studies and trained in the preferences of the brain, as well has having experience of both corporate and start up environments... Ian comes from Sales in the corporate world and understands how to best connect with people in any environment.... Mark has a long term experience of corporate politics and structures and has developed his own way of dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as being a long term coach.


    And we all are passionate about people and business, with a desire to make a difference in your life.

    Working with us will make you fall in love with your job all over again!

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  • Get in Touch with Ian, Adele or Mark

    With business experience and coaching passion, Adele, Ian and Mark will work with you to drive success and pride into your business.

    Adele Tomasin

    Change Maker

    With over 15 years experience in running her own businesses and working for corporations, Adele loves sharing her knowledge and experience to help businesses achieve success.

    Adele will transform your dreams and ideas into reality building your business to new heights, driving change in everyone she meets and always looking at the future!

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    Mark Wilkes

    Infrastructure Genius

    Mark's dream is to make a difference by providing memories, so that businesses and people can accelerate and grow through shared experiences.

    Mark has a passion for business models supported by the right infrastructure. His experience in China and with Samsung developing teams make him the perfect person to help you get the most from your team.

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    Ian Mizon

    Mindset Changer

    Ian's passion and expertise lies with finding The Missing Piece in your business to push it to new levels. He has worked with hundreds of CEO ’s in the Executive Coaching space over the last 14 years. He was CEO of his own business here in Cape Town for 3 years and before that in London for 5 years. Ian understands that your mindset makes a huge difference to your growth and development and uses his experience to fuel the next part of your executive journey.

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