• Couples in business

    frustation of couples in business

    We are the founders of the Missing Piece and we've been in your shoes...


    You share office and bedroom and maybe even children.

    You want to succeed in business but you struggle to

    • navigate the complexities of working together
    • both find joy in what you do
    • have tough conversations,
    • communicate without fighting
    • play out a shared vision
    • to juggle it all and still have some semblance of life in the bedroom.

    Often talking to an expert who has done it all before and understands your challenges can alleviate your load and help you achieve success quicker with less stress.


    Adele is qualified in Psychosocial Studies and trained in the preferences of the brain, as well has having experience of both corporate and start up environments... Mark has a long term experience of corporate politics and structures and has developed his own way of dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as being a long term coach.


    We are passionate about people and business, with a desire to make a difference in your life. Working with us will make you fall in love with your job and your partner all over again!

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