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    Harmonising couples lives both at home and at work

    Who we are

    We are Mark and Adele, a couple, a unit, living together but also working together, sharing all the beautiful things in life and having fun along the way... we want you to be like us.... HAPPY!

    Work with us on and off a boat to achieve the best results in your business as well as your relationship.


    Sailing is our passion and one of the building blocks of our relationship...

    there's nothing like being in situations where it's beautiful, sunny and fun but can also get dangerous and difficult to manage... it's all about TRUST ... and what builds relationships more than trust?

    The next adventure!

    Come with us in Croatia at the end of July and enjoy the best possible scenery you can imagine... great sailing, beautiful old towns by the water, amazing waterfalls and national parks and much more... all whilst ensuring your bond with your significant one is stronger than ever... both on holiday, at home and at work!

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