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Why do we keep being told we need more women in business?


Frankly if we stood back and listened we could all learn.

As a man when I hear we need more women in business all I hear is ..bleat... chip on shoulder... We need people who drive business. I do not care if they are women or men.

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However, experience tells me that testosterone is a poor master. 

Women seem to able to ask the questions that drive to the point.  I have no recent research. It is purely observational.

This week I am presenting an award at the Women in Business event in Brighton. The fact that a man is doing this shows me that it is not Women who are driving a need for more women in business. It seems to me that Women are doing fine. They choose to do what they like to do. They are more cat than dog. They have more understanding of community and family. They have a natural way of looking at chaos and seeking order.

It seems to me, in a male dominated world, the essence of sense is finally winning through. Those who are best suited to arrange and manage the team are those best suited to the role.

Women have a different approach, they master the family, they develop communication skills that require an understanding of the family and community around them.  In today's world where The Missing Piece is how to recruit, deploy and apply skills from the community, and the business family should we, men and women, recognise the best people for the best roles?

Based on our experiences, women entrepreneurs see the world through a different lens and, in turn, do things differently (to my three brothers and three sons: not better, just differently). This is reflected in the kinds of businesses we start, whether it’s Coco Chanel, who learned the trade of a seamstress as a child, Estée Lauder, who turned a passion for skincare and make-up into a beauty empire, or Oprah Winfrey, whose media business focuses on helping women to reach their potential.

Frankly if men just stood back and listened... they could learn.

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