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What does your future look like?

Lead the industry you play in!

  • What if you knew 20 years ago that in 2018 Ramaphosa would be the new president of SA? how would you have prepared for it?
  • What if you knew 20 years ago that today you can pay for your coffee with digital currency? how would you have changed your products?
At the Missing Piece we are trained futurists here to help you look a the your future, identify trends and build scenarios to ensure your business is still successful in 20 years time.
GET AHEAD of the GAME and learn how to adapt in uncertain times, ignore your biases and push the boundaries to build the future of your company in line with different scenarios
Spend half a day with the Missing Piece to increase your confidence in scanning, understanding trends and learn ways to manage internal change and behaviours to allow your people to cope with the future!
From R2500 to start building your personal time machine !
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