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Want to grow your business by 30% ?

Get a FREE consultation and let us help you make it happen!

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How would you like to grow your business by over 30% faster than you ever thought possible? Here at the Missing Piece we have a proven record of making businesses accelerate with very simple but effective frameworks.

The South African economy is on the rise, entrepreneurship is about to explode… and you can be ahead of the game! Just get in touch for a 2 hour FREE consultation with us and your business will never be the same!

Email or call on +27 76 512 4153 to book your FREE session

Ian is a highly successful Business Coach who has resided in Cape Town for the past 5 years. He and his business partner Adele Tomasin own The Missing Piece. Between them, they have over 30 year’s experience in business coaching and consulting. Ian is from Cambridge in the UK. He came to work as a sales coach with both Primedia and Media 24 and enjoyed a 5-year relationship with these two successful South African organizations. Ian is driven by a real passion for businesses in South Africa. The creativity of the market place and the entrepreneurial talent inspired him to start The Missing Piece and set up in South Africa permanently. The Missing Piece was created to offer not just structure and frameworks but also the opportunity for his clients to look at their business in a completely different way. He simplifies, listens, discovers your current biggest business headaches then works alongside you to achieve your business dreams. He and Adele work to a ‘serious about what we do but not ourselves’ philosophy. They are fun to work with and help to get the job done! He’ll coach you and your business from concept right to leverage. Any skills he has coached and implemented into your business will be left behind for his clients to use for success.

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