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Stop slogging your sales guts out NOW! ... Joint Ventures every time!

Dear Missing Piece followers.

I trust that you all had a great Easter Break and are now in the gym living up to your post Easter chocolate fest? No? Me neither.

I’ve been involved in direct sales for many years (25 or more). It’s an area very close to my professional heart. I’ve travelled the world coaching sales people since 1997 and have watched direct sales as a profession, go through a huge amount of changes over the years. Within any business, any skill sets that involve a powerful sales strategy are going to provide real wins for years to come.

For all you business owners, I would like to present a far quicker, less labor intensive and more profitable way of generating income.

Joint ventures are fast becoming the best alternative to enduring the grind of a direct sales process. A joint venture is quite simply a coming together of two (or more) businesses who share access to each other’s desired clients & databases. Adele and I have been watching Joint Ventures multiply leads and profits recently so I wanted to share with you a way to go about creating them.

To begin, let me help you with an example. I spoke to a large florist last year whose ideal clients are bride and groom’s to be. Wedding flowers are the most profitable aspect of their business. They have been fighting to find clients via direct marketing and advertising. We helped them look at things completely differently by asking some simple questions..

  1. Who are your ideal clients?
  2. Who else already has access or database containing your ideal clients?

Once established we then asked them to list all other businesses in the area that share the same ideal clients as they do (bride and grooms). Here’s what we came up with..

  1. Jewelers (engagement and wedding rings)
  2. Wedding planners
  3. Church/wedding venues
  4. Wedding dressers 
  5. Wedding cake specialists
  6. Printers (wedding invitations)

Now we are talking! Every service listed above can BENEFIT from partnering with each other as the process for getting married is followed throughout the city. We created a list of all of the businesses in the other categories in the area then set about following a Joint Venture strategy to engage them further.

This ‘no brainer’ approach creates more than just leads and revenue, it also helps with trust, longevity, alliances and strong distribution channels.

Sound good? We can help you with Joint Venture strategies at The Missing Piece. Give me a call (+27 76 512 4153) to find out more!

Have a great few weeks ahead.

Ian Mizon

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