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Our obsession with energy and business!

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Dear Missing Piece followers

I’m happy to write about a subject very close to my heart this week. The more years we spend coaching the more we realise how life and business are so closely linked to energy. There’s a huge amount of reading on starting with your ‘why’ in business at the moment and we believe this to be true however, how can we can take that step further on and explain why that’s the case?

Let me start with a personal energy example . Last year was a challenging time for me. I’d already fallen in love with South Africa and despite  missing my family , friends and marmite flavoured crisps I really had a burning desire to stay here . My first visa application had been rejected and I was set for an appeal. It was by no means a certainty that I’d be able to stay on. I carried on with life as best as I could but the fear of having to leave SA sat with me every day. My energy was driven by what would happen if I couldn’t stay here. What would I need to prepare? What moves should I make about having to get back to Blighty? My behaviour and subsequent activities were based around preparing for the worst. 

It was at this time that a UK based colleague of mine came to visit in me in Cape Town ( its strange…I’ve become very popular since living here ! ). I told him of my plight. His advice was as follows, ‘start to think like you are staying here, start to live like you are going to stay here and make sure your energy is that of somebody who isn’t going anywhere’. 

So did this advice make a direct difference to the people at immigration reviewing my application? No. Those people are unaware of my energy. So how did it help? Simple, my energy changed. I started to think ‘ what were you going to do here in SA upon receipt of the new visa?’ When I started to think this way my daily habits changed. 

I worked with my clients on long term goals and not goals that consider my leaving SA. I worked with a local NPO called life choices and started to mentor a young South African. I used everything I had experienced in my time here to change how I behaved and the result of the energy change was a better revised application and a successful appeal. I received the visa late last year.

I hope you’ll now see the similarity in the business example. Last year, I worked with a business who was really having a tough time of it. Morale was low within the team. Client acquisition was proving tricky and the businesses ‘energy’ was one of preparing for the worst. Desperately clinging on to what they had. The communication between them was of a frustrated and frantic nature. Their mindset was one of survival. 

We worked on their energy and mindset. I made them understand that potential new clients can feel unity and togetherness from a business the same way that they can feel a lack of it. 

I worked with them on thinking like a business that was getting ready for six new clients. They started to act and communicate in anticipation of growth. They discussed new ideas for these new clients. The sales team faced clients with an energy of expansion and excitement. The entire business communicated in a different language. The language they spoke in was fuelled by the excitement of their first two years in business when they discussed only growth and new clients. The business then became a completely different client facing unit and began to pick up.

Energy isn’t a complicated business framework but without doubt, it can create a seismic shift in outcomes.

We love helping businesses in SA at The Missing Piece and are happy to talk to you about your energy. Business or personal. There is no real difference.

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