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How to make your ideas reality... fast!

A client's example of Sprint workshop - by Ian Mizon

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Recently our client Mobius Consulting, mentioned a challenge that we hear about and see all too often in business ‘We have a steady flow of great ideas but struggle to get them to that real / prototype stage’. Too many ideas don’t receive the attention that they deserve’. This is a classic outcome of a busy, agile business in a rapid growth stage. Growth can create some frantic behavioural traits in a business. It’s that fine line between maximising on the ideas and systems that are in place vs that feeling of ‘we have to stay ahead with new ideas or the business will plateau’.

Such a challenge was presented to us at The Missing Piece recently by Mobius. To help them, at the teams next 2-day strategy event we introduced SPRINT. 

SPRINT is a simple concept to execute and lots of fun too. The process was simple. Before the team strategy we agreed on the 4 main areas of growth that Mobius wanted to achieve in 2017. These 4 areas were presented to the team whom we broke into 4 teams. The 4 teams were hand picked depending on their areas of expertise within the 4 desired growth areas. The main question we asked of each team was ‘How do we take this idea, pool our knowledge and create a viable, tangible product to the market place?

The outcomes from each team were presented to the company after which, the leaders of each team were held accountable to make it happen. In short, this was the speediest method they had ever seen that managed to pool so much internal knowledge, commitment, fun, outcomes and ownership from a 2-day period. 

So how many ideas are discussed and never get anywhere at your business? How much talent within your company isn’t getting a say in the next exciting product? How many of your team may feel excluded from contribution to what may be the next massive product? Want to find out more? We love SPRINT @ The Missing Piece and would like to talk to you. Intrigued??

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