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Entrepreneurship at its best

How women in business can be successful in any culture

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Last night I had the pleasure to hear Catherine Lückhoff from Niche Streem talk about her start up.

Not only she mastered the concept of niche, carving a great market for her business in one of the busiest and most competitive industries ever, but she is also showing how young women can have great impact on society and challenge the status quo.

NicheStreem builds music streams for niche audiences in emerging markets and their first stream is for Afrikaans music and listeners. Liedjie (the stream) is the first place where fans can find all their favourite music together.

Catherine recognised that the opportunity lies in giving casual music fans a service built with their specific tastes in mind, therefore creating a new market for herself.

Catherine is an exceptional woman who has been named one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans, was recognised in the Topco Top Women in Business and Government and was included in the first Old Mutual Do Great Things start-up guide... many reasons to be impressed, but what really made me love her and prompted me to write about her was one of the answers she gave last night.

She had many pearls of wisdom, like:

  • An idea is only as good as its execution
  • You raise partners not money
  • To be successful employ people smarter than you

But the best one was when the StartUp Grind host, Guillaume De Smedt asked her how it feels to be a woman in a male dominated business and she said

"I hope to live in a world one day where this question doesn't get asked"

To all women out there, work, excel, have fun and live every day knowing and proving that there's no difference, to show the world what parity really is.

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