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    The Missing Piece - Empowering high growth entrepreneurs to be the best they can be.

    We love business and have a passion for helping others

    Shooting for the Stars

    Whatever Vision you have for your business, that's where you'll end up. At The Missing Piece we help you design the best road and all the steps to get there, fast!

    Being recognised in the marketplace

    Are you working with the right customers? Do people know what you're excellent at? We'll help define the best POSITIONING for your business and the niche you can excell in.

    Right people in the right place

    Does your business have enough resources to excel? Are all your staff working on the right tasks and empowered to take responsibility in what they do? We help you identify the right functions and maximise employees success, for your success!

    Sprint Workshops

    Do you want to launch a new product / service and it's taking too long to decide what's important?

    Is it going to work? will customers be impressed?

    Adele and Ian are experts in running SPRINT workshops to accelerate your progress and ensure the success of your products!

    Get in touch to achieve your new dream in only a week!

  • Our Approach

    Why - What - How - we can help


    Why we exist

    We want to empower South Africa entrepreneurs to be the best they can be.

    We love South Africa, its creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, opportunity, passion and energy and we get immense fulfilment by helping great entrepreneurs achieve their goals.


    How we work

    We deliver our frameworks with a “serious about business but not ourselves” attitude and deeply care about your business, like it was ours. We create a community of businesses and people with common values and beliefs and treat it like our family

    We work in your business as if it was our own


    What we do

    We’ll assess your business in the key areas of Strategy, Operations and Infrastructure and advise you on where you can quickly improve your business, always keeping long term asset creation in mind.

    We work with the end in mind, our work isn’t complete until you achieve your outcomes.

  • Our Manifesto

    We are authentic, fun and passionate business coaches who are fulfilled by helping entrepreneurs be the best they can be in South Africa and beyond.


    We know the challenges of growing a business and we believe in sharing knowledge and getting support from likeminded people who share the same values.

    We work in a community of help and support with respect, fun and success in mind


    If you want to grow your business and share our set of values and beliefs, become part of our community. We are the Missing Piece in your business and we’ll help you develop skills that will stay with you, your team and clients.


    Our PURPOSE is to empower high growth entrepreneurs to be the best they can be, in South Africa and beyond.


    Our Beliefs

    We believe in real communication not automation

    We believe in good business ethics

    We believe in giving all we have for our clients

    We believe in respect of people, ideas, diversities and cultures

    We believe in being serious about what we do but not ourselves.

    We believe in making a real difference to the businesses we work with

    We believe in genuinely caring about our clients

    We believe in passion, especially in business

    We believe in being open and honest, saying what we think

    We believe in having the courage to do the right thing

    We believe in being authentic and true to ourselves

    We believe in businesses where people come before profits

    We believe in business like family

    We believe in Love - of business, clients and a job well done

    Our Values

    Authentic - Fun - Passionate

  • About Us

    With business experience and coaching passion, Adele, Ian and Mark will work with you to drive success and pride into your business.

    Adele Tomasin

    Change Maker

    With over 15 years experience in running her own businesses and working for corporations, Adele loves sharing her knowledge and experience to help businesses achieve success.

    Adele will transform your dreams and ideas into reality building your business to new heights, driving change in everyone she meets.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Mark Wilkes

    Infrastructure Genius

    Mark's dream is to make a difference by providing memories, so that businesses and people can accelerate and grow through shared experiences.

    Mark has a passion for business models supported by the right infrastructure. His experience in China and with Samsung developing teams make him the perfect person to help you get the most from your team.

    LinkedIn Profile

    Ian Mizon

    Mindset Changer

    Ian's passion and expertise is to find the 'Missing Piece' in your business to push it to new levels. He will show you ways to simplify how you think about your business and how to achieve your goals. Ian is an Englishman who now resides in Cape Town . His love affair with South Africa started in 2008 when he came to work with Primedia and Media 24 whom he coached for over 3 years

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  • What Clients say about us

    Some of our work

    Patrick Ryan

    MD, Principal Consultant - Mobius Consulting - Cape Town - SA

    By all accounts the two day strategy session went fantastically well.

    I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. I think a large part of the credit should go to Adele and Ian for helping conceptualize the contents of the agenda (in particular the flow between “feelings” and “facts”), helping with the content of the slide packs and assisting with independent facilitation.

    Thank you very much!

    Christopher Guy

    MD - Makrosafe Holdings (Pty) Ltd. - SA

    MAKROSAFE Identified the need for a business coach that was flexible in approach yet able to provide structure and strategy in achieving growth of the business.

    Ian and Adele have not provided only structure but have through dedication and effective processes actually moved the business in the direction which has already shown growth even in its infancy phases of the coaching process.

    Bryan Banfield

    Owner - Artibeus IT Support - SA

    My company is 3 years ahead of my personal plans.

    As a business owner, I have been lead and guided through one of the scariest times on my business... letting go of functions that I don't need to own anymore. This is all thanks to Ian and Adele. I am close to owning a business and not owning my job. Thank you, Ian and adele... Thank you!

    Cameron Phillips

    Owner -Fynbos Accounting - SA

    Ian and The Missing Piece team provide a sense of calm and wisdom amidst the turbulence of the entrepreneurial world in South Africa.

    Ian cares about more than just the numbers. His holistic approach to how a business can grow and thrive has made him an integral part of the Fynbos Accounting team.

    His passion for business is compelling, and the investment I have made in The Missing Piece (both financially and emotionally) will yield a positive ROI for years to come.

    I look forward to our relationship growing as my business does, and all of the “off Balance Sheet” thinking that we will continue to do in the future.

    Edward Lindsay-Bowman

    Owner - Thrive Digital - SA

    Ian worked with us at Thrive Digital for a 4 month period and in this short time he enthused our team with his energy as a Sales Coach to strengthen our sales focus that was needed for our business. In addition to this, he also helped us through his methodology and experience to revisit & realign our Vision for Thrive which we are now driving forward ..

    Gary le Breton

    Owner - Compass Fire - SA

    When I first started working with Ian , he showed me a way of looking at my business in a very simple fashion. He has helped me to put Compass Fire in a position where I can concentrate on planning for next years growth and let the business function without my daily input. He not only provides methodology on how to achieve this , he also helps to implement his strategies and work as an integral part of my team, personal plans and professional goals.

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